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The Concordes hosted the Eagles and Botwood Collegiate Warriors on Saturday in the 2010 3A boys’ soccer regional playdowns. After tying the Eagles 2 2 in the opening match, the Concordes earned a trip to the finals with a close 3 2 win over the Warriors.

Waiting on the pitch were the Eagles, who defeated the Concordes the past two years in the playdown final.

“We lost to them in the championship game the past two years,” said Concordes head coach Gene Pike. super kamagra Sydney “The last time we won regionals was three years ago. It was really nice to beat them this year.”

It wasn’t an easy road for the Concordes, who won two of its games by a single goal. Pike believes the three close playdown games will only benefit the Concordes when it travels to provincials later this month.

“A team really gels and strengthens by playing close games. They were able to handle the stress of the gameif you’re down in a game and able to come back, it just shows the strength and depth of that team,” said Pike. “Even in those tight games, superkamagrasydney they were able to control the ball and control the game, and that just shows the strength of this team.”

The Concordes’ edge was depth, as six different players scored the team’s seven tournament goals. Best led the way with two, while Thalel Habib, Andy Ozoh, Adam Lawrence, Glenn Tobin and Jacob Lane scored singles.

As a coach, Pike said it makes his job a lot easier knowing his bench players can do just as good a job as the starters on the pitch.

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“It was well distributed amongst the team,” said Pike of the goals. “It’s a great sign when you have scoring from multiple players it just shows the depth of the team. When we selected the team, I knew any of the substitutes could go out and play equally as well as any of the players on the field. I could move them in any position and they could accommodate that position, because they know the role of that position, and can play it very well. It makes it so much easier on a team when you have that capability.”

Although the Concordes’ head coach can count on any of his players in a number of different situations, one thing he will work on is finishing scoring opportunities. According to Pike, GC could have easily won its games by four or five goal margins.

“Even in those tight games, they were able to control the ball and control the game, and that just shows the strength of this team.”

Head coach Gene Pike

“We just had so many opportunities. The scores could have easily been 7 1, 9 1our team just had that many opportunities. We controlled position, and it’s just so satisfying to see that come to fruition,” said Pike. “We have two weeks of preparation before provincials, and I’m going to be working on finishing, actually. I’m going to spend a lot of time with the strikers and midfielders, and develop some plays for finishing, because we did work on that in every practice leading up to playdowns, but we’re going to look at more tactical setups where it becomes easy for them to follow a set play. We’re really going to work on that, and hopefully it will help us finish better at provincials.”

Australia approves first
Australia approves first

The date of provincials is set, but the location (as of Monday) was yet to be determined. Wherever it’s played, Pike said his players have to ready themselves for what could be cold, uncomfortable conditions.

“You hope the weather is going to be good, but you have to realize that provincials will be held at the end of October, so you could be playing in wet snow or rain,” said Pike. superkamagrasydney “It’s important that your team is prepared for that situation, because we played on wet grass on Saturday morning, which is a complication. However, the more you play on that, the easier it is to play on a dry field.”

Wherever provincials is played, Pike said he’ll be looking to his veteran players, like Best, super kamagra Sydney who was named most sportsmanlike player of Saturday’s tournament, to keep the other players calm, and to maintain control of the ball.

“Steve is a strong player, and even though it’s unspoken, he leads on the pitch. Steve doesn’t really talk a lot, but he does what’s necessary on the pitch. Players like Steve, Adam Lawrence, Glenn Tobin and Mike Pike, the experienced players who’ve been playing the game since they were five, they’re the ones who have to bring calmness to the game on the pitch, and they’re the ones who need to maintain control that’s necessary so the game is a possession game,” said Pike. “They know their role on the field, and they’ve been in those situations so many times, they know what it takes to win.”

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